User Experience & User Interface UI\UX

Create a user-centered product design that targets the needs of your customers and delivers a memorable and exquisite user experience to achieve brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Digital Labs's certified instructor

80 hours

Hybrid learning

6 Modules

A 300$ enrollment fee deposit is required, that will be fully refunded upon completion of the course

Course Description

The UX/UI course is a 12-session part time training program provided over 8 weeks. The course is designed for business professionals who have a strong motivation to achieve success, have empathy for people, have interest in technology, and passion for design.

The course focus is on analyzing user needs, goals, and expectations, and applying UX/UI design foundations to develop and evaluate a new product or service. The course will result in a user-centered design for the new product or service according to the participant interest.

Course benefits

Build up a user-centered product design

Build a product with a focus on providing a memorable user experience

Increase customer satisfaction and retention

Meet the needs and expectations of your users to satisfy them enough to hold on to your product

Use UX/UI as a competitive advantage that supports brand loyalty

Differentiate your product from your competitors with an exquisite UX/UI design to deliver users’ needs and support brand loyalty

Increase market share and revenue

Increase the company market share, revenues, and growth prospects by satisfying users and attracting new ones

Course takeaways

Course plan

80 hours

Hybrid learning

7 Modules

Each module combines theoretical basis and practical hands-on experience. The practical activities are centered on group and individual projects supported by mentored feedback, and the top of the iceberg is to deliver a prototype for a user-centered product. The UX/UI skills is suited for a wide spectrum of participants, including business professionals, startups, engineers, IT specialists, and other interested fresh graduates. The skills acquired in this course can support the success of well-established business firms, the growth of startups, the success of entrepreneurs, and the hiring opportunities for those seeking a job position.

Learn about what UX and UI represent, the difference between UX and UI, the main principles of UX/UI design process, and the importance of the UX/UI design.

Describe your users (personas), analyze their needs and expectations, prepare the empathy map, analyze the market and competitors, and formulate the product design problem.

Sketch your ideas, prepare the user flow, prepare the product wireframe, prepare the UI design that is suitable and attractive for the customer, iterate your process.

(The course will focus on using Figma)

Compare the most well-known different tools used for UX/UI design, follow up an introduction to Figma, in order to establish your UX/UI design project with this tool.

Learn about the design patterns, the design styles, the colors and layout basics, and how to link the design elements to local culture, on order to turn the wireframe into an attractive user interface.

Build your product prototype, simulate the user interaction with your product, test for product usability, and determine if your design meets the intended user experience.

Measure the performance outcomes in relation to the usability test, determine the pinpoints that represent development opportunities, iterate the UX/UI design process to further improve user experience.



Dr. Shatha Qamhieh Hashem

Dr. Shatha Qamhieh Hashem holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architectural Engineering, a master’s degree in business administration, both from An-Najah National University (Palestine), and a Ph.D. in Economics and Management of Technology, from a joint program offered by the Faculty of Economics at Pavia University (Italy) & the Faculty of Engineering at Bergamo University (Italy). Dr. Shatha has served in different positions, within the governmental, non- profit, and educational sectors. She is currently an Assistant Professor at An-Najah National University within the faculty of economics & administrative sciences and is currently the Head of the banking and financial sciences department. Her research focus is on FinTech, financial risk analysis, economic forecasting, financial network applications, specifically for the Islamic and conventional banking sectors, within the MENA region, and the Far East. She is also an Associate Editor for Artificial Intelligence in Finance which is provided by Frontiers, she has offered key contributions to the field through her publications, teaching, and ongoing projects. Dr. Shatha is also active in the field of entrepreneurship and E-learning through several projects that are directed towards building the youth and fresh graduates’ capabilities.

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