Customer Success

Make Data-Driven Decision in Customer Success

Abdel-Razzak Natsheh

80 hours

Hybrid learning

8 Modules

A 300$ enrollment fee deposit is required, that will be fully refunded upon completion of the course

Course Description

Learn how to increase retention, expansion, recurring revenue and growth, using Customer Success best practices. This learning series helps Customer Success Operations, Customer Operations, Customer Success leaders, and business analysts learn and apply practical statistics in real-world Customer Success applications. 


This course is for: People looking for a new career in tech or software-based companies Sales people or business professionals looking to switch industries or careers Professionals with basic knowledge of Customer Success Customer Success Managers that just got started in the career.


This course is NOT for experienced CSM, even though it is always good to review the fundamentals every now and then.

Course benefits

Increase customer loyalty

Help you hold on your old customers

Increase revenue

Increase company growth by driving your customers to upgrade their service package

Customer acquisition

Improve the onboarding process of your product

Course takeaways

Course plan

80 hours

Hybrid learning

8 Modules

Our classes are compatible with traditional work schedules and our campuses are conveniently located in Nablus and Ramallah.This isn’t your typical lecture course. Expect a good balance of group projects, mentored practice time, help with your job hunt, and experiential learning activities aimed at preparing you to oversee the creation of software products from start to finish.

Learn how to understand and support your customer at every step in their journey to finally achieve their desired result.

Learn your role in the company, by working on how to build customer loyalty and foster long-term customer relationships by ensuring that customers have a positive experience.

Learn how to create and evaluate your product onboarding process to make sure its successful

Learn methods and tools to increase your customer retention

Learn how to use digital experience analytics tools to analyze your customer segments and track their conversions and analyze your KPIs customer satisfaction score.

Learn how to improve your product value to your customer by using features such as surveys and NPS

Detect and analyze your customer paths and identify frustrations on early stages to improve customer conversions

Learn how to plan strategy to increase growth by forcing your  customers to upgrade their service plan



Abdel-Razzak Natsheh​

A hi-tech entrepreneur, founder and product manager of FullSession with over 12 years of experience in the software industry, technical and executive management experience in leading highly prioritized and critical programs/projects and teams in various fields especially in the software industry. Adjunct Lecturer specializing in big data analytics and data science at An-Najah National University – the M.Sc. program in Artificial Intelligence (Engineering Faculty). In the past 6 years have led several projects on product development at Northwestern University, Microsoft, FullSession and others that focus on building innovative software products that are fin-tech, ad-tech, high-tech, cloud computing, and risk assessment.

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