Equip your staff with the knowledge and skills to stragecially plan from digital transformation

Rasem Suwan

80 hours

Hybrid learning

11 Modules

A 300$ enrollment fee deposit is required, that will be fully refunded upon completion of the course

Course Description

This course is designed for companies leaders and managers to help them position their entities in a rapidly changing ecosystem imposed by the digital transformation process and the vicious competition. Leaders and managers need to be equipped with skills and knowledge to help them strategically plan for the digital transformation of processes and procedures that increase their competitive edge, lower cost, increase efficiency and grow customer satisfaction.

Course benefits

Better communication

Enhance communication and collaboration

Motivate innovation

Increase innovation and streamline operations

Better performance

Improve the performance of individuals and teams

Course takeaways

Course plan

80 hours

Hybrid learning

11 Modules

Number of hours: 80 hours spread over 16 sessions. Consists of 16 sessions of exercises, roleplays, synchronous real world example showcasing, and asynchronous analysis, data gathering, and content creation.

  • Why DT for leaders
  • DT Value proposition
  • Intro to Organizational Analysis and DT Strategy building
  • Where we are and where we should be
  • Requirements for DT Strategy Building
  • DT Strategy building phases
  • Mapping SWOT analysis with institutional goals
  • Mapping Strategic Objective with DT needs
  • SWOT Analysis results
  • Institutional Goals and Objectives as it relates to digital transformation
  • Readiness Framework and structure, 
  • Institutional analysis and the usage of digital transformation strategy tools and sustainability.
  • Organizational Agility
  • Disruptive Culture, customers readiness, management and teams’ readiness.
  • Strategic Agility
  • The network of minds, centralization/decentralization!
  • The collective digital record
  • Structuring digital collaboration
  • Digital communication
  • IoT Disruptive Technologies in business to increase efficiency and value proposition.
  • Technology Enabling Factors (IoT and Strategy)
  • How AI, Data Science resulted in creating effective BI that improved business productivity. 
  • Areas of how technology uses data to improve decision making.
  • Understanding how Cloud Computing and Cloud of Things provides various business functions, reduces technology operational costs, and how to move your business to the cloud.
  • Types of Cloud Computing/Cloud of things for business use.
  • How to align your business strategy with the right Cloud type and costs.
  • In depth understanding the dimensions of digital transformation strategy 
  • Mapping your analysis results with a working strategy model
  • Aligning a working strategy model for your business.
  • Digital Transformation Strategy preparation in its final form
  • Final Digital Transformation Strategy presentation and feedback session.



Rasem Suwan

Rasem is a Technology and a Business consultant with a cumulative of over 21 years of international experience in the fields of ICT, Digital Transformation, entrepreneurship and economic development. Rasem has been working as an executive and a key expert with l multiple International NGOs and with the private sector on digital transformation, business process reengineering, and implementing economic development programs. He designed, implemented and managed mega projects funded by NGOs that target private sector SMEs and startups. Rasem held multiple positions such as ICT manager, Strategic Planning Expert, CEO of Palestine Technopark, Projects Director, University Lecturer, Director of Business and Innovation, and other consultation positions related to entrepreneurship and building startups.

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